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Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietorship (SP) is a business that can be owned and controlled by an individual, a company or a limited liability partnership. There are no partners in the business.


The legal status of a sole proprietorship can be defined as follows:


— It is not a separate legal entity from the business owner.

— The business owner has unlimited liability,

i.e. the business owner is personally liable for all the debts and losses of the SP.

— It can sue or be sued in the owner’s name.


We help to register your business and provide the following:


— Incorporation application

— ACRA fees

— Company constitution

— Common seal

— Share certificates

— Corporate kit

— ACRA Bizfile


Upon payment to us to register your business, we will send you a copy of an Incorporation Form via e-mail. Kindly fill in the form and revert to us with the details. Feel free to contact us for further clarifications.


Registering sole proprietorship is at SGD 250.

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