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GST De-registration

You must apply for cancellation of your GST registration within 30 days when:


— You stopped making taxable supplies and do not intend to make taxable supplies in future;

— Your business has ceased;

— Your business is transferred as a whole to another person (the new entity needs to determine if it is required to register for GST); or

— Your business constitution has changed (e.g. sole-proprietorship business converted to a partnership or vice versa, partnership converted to limited liability partnership, etc). The new entity needs to determine if it is required to register for GST.


IRAS will, however, cancel your GST registration upon receiving information from ACRA that your business has been amalgamated or your sole-proprietorship business has been converted to a partnership or vice versa. Application for cancellation is not required.


You may apply to cancel your GST registration if you are not liable for registration. However, if you were previously registered on voluntary basis, you must remain registered for at least 2 years before you can cancel your registration.


Please note that you will have to continue to fulfil your obligations as a GST-registered person (e.g. charge GST, submit GST returns) until the last day of the GST registration, which is one day before the effective date of cancellation of GST registration.



One-time fee of SGD 300.

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