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Our Story

Started in 2008 as a small, local accounting firm, Prislyn has grown and gained recognition over the years as a customer-centric company. We pride ourselves for being a company that seeks to understand the needs of our clients by establishing meaningful relationships. 

Our team of professionally-trained staff pays exceptional care and attention to every client. We offer services ranging from accounting, taxation, business consulting and incorporation, to corporate secretary and information technology (IT) services.


To help our clients save time, free their minds and focus on what matters.


Make meaningful changes and empower clients from diverse backgrounds. 

Exceptional Service Quality

We're proud to offer services of the highest quality, uniquely catered to suit your needs.

Marrying expertise and passion with our knowledgeable team of professionals, we strive to work with clients not only to solve problems, but also build relationships and grow their businesses. 

Core Values

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