About Prislyn Consultancy

Prislyn Consultancy Pte Ltd starting from their humble roots of a local small accounting company in 2008, Prislyn has gradually grown and diversified itself to numerous business arms such as business consultancy, property management, information technological (IT) services and now the newest venture into consumer goods.
Our Vision

Prislyn Consultancy is also the consumers. By understanding our needs we aim to be the market leader for consumers.

Our Mission

To provide products to consumers that is of the highest quality so as to improve the lifestyle of consumers all around the world.

Business Competitiveness

Prislyn Consultancy Pte Ltd has the edge in its organisation structure. Our horizontal hierarchy makes communication fast and concise from innovation to implementation. Furthermore, the team has great passion and determination for the business coupled together with strong team cohesiveness, the efficiency is far greater than vertically orientated traditional companies.

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  • International Pte Ltd
    Registration No : 201217556E

  • Registration No : 200510824Z

Our Services

  • Incorporation & Business
  • Accounting & Business
    Management Services
  • Corporate Secretarial
  • Application Work Pass
  • Taxation Services
  • IT Services